Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fermented Guy

Late one thursday night, probably a thrusday in late January, a young couple were celebrating their first anniverary at Geno's. Their celebration had found its way into what appeared to be an old janitor's closet. After a few dark (and enjoyable) moments in the closet, the young missus' eye was caught by a faint glow on the highest shelf. Not without a few complaints, she convinced her husband to climb up to the shelf to investigate. What he saw will forever change the S.M.C.R.

Now, for the first time ever, I would like to introduce to you, fair S's.S. readers, Guy Love, a new line of fermented Guy Stroker products. The faint glow reflecting in that horny woman's eyes was nothing less than the last remaining gallon of Guy Stroker's seamen. Lost for so many years, dusty and forgotten, Guy's love juice refused to lose its shine and like a beacon in the figurative and literal dark it is here to help save us.

The new line-up of Guy Love products:

Kim-Guy: a spicy fermented condiment that spices up any rice dish and increases your daily health.

Guy-buchi: a refreshing fermented beverage that helps with digestion and gives you a nice little pick-me-up.

Guy-kraut: a healthy topping for a hotdog, sandwich, or just a delicious snack.

Guy-pickles: Fresh, crisp and big, no refrigerator is complete without them.

All Guy Love products are made locally, organically and with 100% Guy Stroker seamen. The heavens have only seen fit to provide us with a small amount of our sacred Guy Juice, so get it while it is hot.

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